Gyumri Drama Theater

The modern Gyumri State Drama Theater, named after the renowned Vardan Ajemyan, an Armenian theatrical director and actor, is located on Sayat Nova Avenue. The theater square is a big leisure area composed with the statues of famous Armenian actors and writers. Different performances take place here all around the year. There are always new plays in each theatrical season. The building is an example of Soviet architecture, built in 1973-1974.

Gyumri has a theatrical rich history. The first play was performed here back in 1856 by the Russian army, later on by A. Melik Haykazyan. The second troupe was created in the city in 1873. The first opera called “Anush” was performed here, staged by A. Tigranyan. The new turn of theatrical life of the city is formed after the establishment of the soviet regime time in Armenia. The armenian actors’ group was created by V. Mirzoyan in 1912, afterwards opera group in 1924. The first puppet theater in Armenia was opened in Leninakan in 1935.

Rich theatre traditions are still prospering in Gyumri.


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